ADB Chemistry Construction Materials ( H.K .) Co., Ltd , where located in Hong Kong’ s fastest growing business area — Queensway   is  a  professional  manufacturers  about  research   and    application、production、sales、international trade、international  chemical construction  materials technical   service and construction of various types of paint coating of chemical construction materials. Our company has set up a New Products Research Center by domestic and foreign experts. There are two companies contain Aodibang   Construction   Material  Technology  Co.,Ltd ( bases for production )  and  Aodibang Floor Paint Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd in Guangzhou.
ADB Company have launched a series of international advanced chemical materials and products  on  the basis of developing polymer particle design and nano-materials application technology  one  after the other. It adopted and strictly enforced  the ISO 9001 : 2008  quality  management  system .  All application  in   our company is in line with the relevant standards of product quality inspection  and  through  their  certification.
Guangzhou  Aodibang    Construction    Material    Technology  Co. , Ltd    award   as  “  quality 、  service、credibility   AAA     Demonstration Enterprise” by China Building Materials Marke Associationt. >>>
Guangzhou Aodibang Floor  Paint Engineering Technology Co . , Ltd contract  with  onstruction  work  The
quality  of  products  and  service  is  always  in ahead of all others. Foreign and domestic customers call us“Floor paint Engineering Specialist”
Aodibang  enterprise  merges  Chinese and    Western  cultures  into one ,   receiving     the   essence  of traditional Chinese and Western culture, also receiving the outcome modern civilization, in pursuit  of  the perfect human concept. The enterprise always attaches importance to the positive human spirit since   its establishment, human is the   power source  of   the  production   and  operation ,  modern  management center.  Base  on  these  aspects,  the  enterprise  survives  in  the competition, develops in the     survival, innovates in the development, advances in the innovation, and becomes a well-known brand    enterprise that harmonic of human and society, human and nature, human and the high degree of an enterprise.

  澳地邦化学建材(香港)实业股份有限公司位于香港发展最迅速的商业地区—金钟道。是一家集化学建材研发与应用、 生产、 销售、 国际贸易、 国际化工建材技术咨询与服务及承接各类涂料涂装工程施工的专业制造商。公司设立了由海内外专家组成的新产品研发中心,在大陆广州设有广州澳地邦建筑材料科技有限公司(广州生产基地)和广州澳地邦地坪漆工程技术有限公司。
  广州澳地邦建筑材料科技有限公司荣获中国建材市场协会“质量、服务、信誉AAA示范企业”称号。 >>>
  广州澳地邦地坪漆工程技术有限公司承接施工工程质量在同行中名列前茅,被中外客户誉为“地坪工程专家”。 >>>

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